Data Recovery Services Files From Corrupted Drives

If an external hard drive or even your main drive has errors or becomes corrupted, don’t panic. Your files may still be recoverable. Disk Drill, part of your subscription, can scan damaged Data Recovery Services hard drives for any files it can find.

Connect the damaged external drive to your Mac and Disk Drill should be able to mount it. Disk Drill can also scan damaged SD cards if you connect them to your Mac with a card reader or your Mac’s built-in card slot.

If you need to Data Recovery Services your boot drive, Disk Drill will guide you through the necessary steps. You can create a bootable backup of your primary drive, boot from that backup, and then run Disk Drill from the backup to scan the primary drive. 

Or you can connect the Mac with the damaged disk to another Mac and mount the damaged hard drive in target disk mode. Your subscription works on two Macs, so it’s not a problem to install Disk Drill on the second Mac and use it to recover files from the damaged hard drive on the other Mac.

Which is packed with tools to find and remove old files, apps and extensions, and keep your Mac’s hard drive in top shape. Its Smart Scan scans your entire Mac with a single click, finding system junk, duplicates, old Mail attachments, and large files you left in the Trash or anywhere on your Twitter drive.

After the scan, you can review each section of results, preview any files to decide if you really want to delete them, and uncheck anything you want to keep. All files marked for deletion are safe Clean My Mac even checks them against a security database to make sure it doesn’t delete anything your system needs to function properly.