How Can I Data Recovery After Formatting

There will be a story about how I Data Recovery files and directories from a hard drive that turned into an unallocated area, was partially formatted, divided into new partitions, one of which was installed with a new Linux system. If you are still interested, welcome under cat.

This is the very first program I have ever used. I have already worked with Data Recovery her a couple of times, when I “irrevocably” deleted what needed to be “returned”. 

At first I was even sure that I could easily fix everything using test disk. After all, the disk was formatted in a “fast way”. Yes, a new system was installed on it, but it weighs about ~ 5GB. Those. ~745GB may not be touched at all.

Data Recovery

For those who do not know what GiB is, briefly: MB, GB, TB… are byte values ​​that are multiples of 1000, and MiB, GiB, TiB… are multiples of 1024. they more “humanly understandable” convey the size. 

These are the ones you see most often. In this case, the number 698.

I used to have an NTFS partition on my HDD, a couple of years ago. Previously, it had a different structure, and that is why the Twitter data section is at the beginning, and file System is at the end. In fact, none of this matters. The important thing is that nowhere, except for the section with the operating system (the files in which I already showed you), there is no data.