How To Data Recovery Services From Drives In A Data Lab

We welcome you again, dear friends, acquaintances, readers, admirers and other personalities. Today, as promised, we are ready to present you with a reportage about how Data Recovery Services in specialized laboratories actually looks like.

Inside you will find a lot of valuable information, a lot of interesting photos, a certain amount of tasty facts, some interesting recommendations and even a few myths busted. And all this from and real masters of data recovery, namely the company – Data Recovery, whose data lab we visited.

Walk Through the Data Recovery Lab :

Actually, the Data Recovery company , which kindly provided us with its specialists and a laboratory for writing this material, is one of the recognized leaders in this market. The guys have been doing sim for 14 years and started literally on their knees, and now the number of repaired devices behind them is measured in hundreds of thousands. The main office is located in Moscow, but work is carried out throughout Russia, as well as with foreign companies.

Data Recovery Services

But description aside, let’s take a better look at everything with our own eyes.

Actually, when visiting (as in our case) or as a client (as it usually happens), we, of course, see how it is fashionably called reception :

Friendly, let’s say, managers lurk here (at least in this picture) (although it’s hard to call them just managers, because they know about data recovery and possible breakdowns more than many). It is these people at the counter who cordially greet customers, take orders, solder coffee and so on. In other words, it is with them that the path of your Linkedin data to a new life begins.

To the left, as you can see in the picture above, there is a sofa for guests where you can gather courage and wait for something while drinking coffee. There is a feedback board above the sofa, where everyone can thank the company or, on the contrary, pour out indignation.