The Best Data Recovery After Formatting : What To Do?

Formatting a hard drive or its individual partitions can be of two types: quick and full. With a quick format, only entries from the file system table are deleted, and with a full format, all Data Recovery is changed to zeros. And if almost nothing can be done with full formatting (partial recovery is possible only on expensive equipment), then if a quick one was carried out, returning the information is quite simple.

It should also be understood that even with a quick “cleanup” afterward, it is not always possible to recover lost files. So, for example, data recovery after formatting partitions of FAT32 file systems cannot be performed for the reason that deleting the FS table in this case is comparable to overwriting it. 

The thing is that in this file system, data is scattered throughout the HDD in parts, which is why even very powerful programs that recover data after formatting are not able to put together all the particles (segments) of the files found.

Data Recovery

However, if the hard disk has the NTFS file system , then returning the information is quite simple (if a new one has not been written in its place). Even if one table is cleared, there will be many others – smaller ones, but still having all the necessary links to the lost files. It is this file system that is used today in 99% of cases on computers that run the Windows operating system.

During the existence of modern file systems, a huge amount of software has been developed to quickly recover lost Linkedin data . There are paid programs and there are free ones. The following three can be cited as the most popular of them: ” Recuva “, ” Ease-US Data Recovery “, ” Wise Data Recovery “. Each of them is suitable for recovering data after formatting.

A convenient and intuitive graphical interface allows you to quickly understand how the program works. The exact time it takes to recover data “destroyed” by formatting with it depends on the power of the computer and, of course, on the size of the file(s) being restored. But, it should be noted that the recovery process in most cases is comparable in speed to copying data from one hard disk partition to another.